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Intelstar consultancy is made up of a team of intelligent stars with a brand attitude of problem-solving specializing in business consultancy and immigration consultancy.

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South African Immigration services

1. Work Visa has three categories

General work visa, Critical Skills Work Visa, Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Work Visa.

2. South African Visitor’s Visa

It has many different types of visitor visas exceeding three months up to a maximum of three years

3. South African Business Visa

A business visa has a duration of 3 years or extendable it requires an investment of R5 million and 60% local employees

4. South African Study Visa

It’s issued to minor foreign children, primary, high school and tertiary education in South Africa

5. South African Spousal Visa

Its applicable to a person married to a South Africa or a person with a permanent residence

6. South Africa Permanent Residence Permit

This is applicable to foreigners who have been residing in South Africa on the basis of their work permits for a minimum period of five years.

Zimbabwean Immigration Services

1. Study Permits

May be issued to a person who intends to enter and reside in Zimbabwe for the purpose of attending any educational institution, other than a school.

2. Residence Permits

• Residence Permit for Dependants
• Residence Permit for Investors
• Indefinite or Permanent Residence
• Resumption of Residence Permit for former permanent residents

3. Temporary Employment Permits

4. Business Visitor’s Visa

A business visit may be granted for a period of thirty (30) days and is non-renewable. This may be granted to personnel coming in business for Consultancy work. Installation and back up service for machinery purchase outside Zimbabwe by local companies can also be issued to business persons scouting for business in Zimbabwe.

Intelstar Business Consultancy services

We are ready to help you out on your entrepreneurial journey via our consultancy business services

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